Pre-K Program

Our Pre-K program prepares children for kindergarten by teaching foundational literacy and math skills. Children learn letter-sound relationships, sight word recognition and basic mathematical functions. We also provide a character education program to nurture important social and emotional skills such as listening, understanding feelings and resolving conflicts.

This well-rounded program encourages continued skill development in the arts and creative expression and also includes physical fitness and Spanish.

  • Language & Literacy

    Language & Literacy

    Children learn letter-sound relationships, sight words and the use of critical thinking skills to make predictions.

  • Social-Emotional


    Children learn to express feelings verbally and to act appropriately. Character education is introduced.

  • Creative Expression

    Creative Expression

    Children identify the pitch and tempo in music, create 3D shapes from clay, and act out familiar stories in sequence.

  • Citizens of the World

    Citizens of the World

    Children identify Spanish speaking countries on the globe and learn Spanish vocabulary for food, seasons and the five senses.

  • Mathematics


    Teachers introduce addition and subtraction, patterns, graphs, reasoning and problem-solving.

  • Wellness


    Children practice jumping rope, using a hula hoop and accurately throwing a ball to a target.

  • Science & Social Studies

    Science & Social Studies

    Children explore different species of animals, study various cultural traditions, and compare family traditions.

  • Digital Interactions

    Digital Interactions

    Children type their first and last names on the keyboard and explore changes in technology over time.