Pre-K2 is designed for children who have completed Pre-K, or whose birth dates are after the kindergarten cut-off. This program prepares your child to meet the kindergarten expectations set forth in the Common Core State Standards, but with increased expectations of student performance, additional levels of academic rigor and enrichment opportunities to create higher levels of cognitive reasoning and understanding.

  • Language & Literacy

    Language & Literacy

    Teachers help children explore connections between spoken and written words through reading and writing.

  • Social-Emotional


    Students learn participatory rule-setting and decision-making through the character education program.

  • Creative Expression

    Creative Expression

    Children recognize changes in tone, tempo, volume and rhythm, paint on vertical surfaces and use props for pretend play.

  • Citizens of the World

    Citizens of the World

    Children name foreign countries, explore weather and clothing around the world, and learn Spanish conversational phrases.

  • Mathematics


    Children are exposed to numerical relationships and composition, patterning and graphing.

  • Wellness


    Dance, athletic activities, exercises or basic sports skills are part of each day.

  • Science & Social Studies

    Science & Social Studies

    Children make predictions by observing and measuring, explore parts of the plant and discuss different parental roles.

  • Digital Interactions

    Digital Interactions

    Children communicate original ideas using digital tools and name various forms of technology.