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When learning begins in wonder, students learn to read, write, and believe in themselves.

At Park Maitland, we develop a student’s EQ, as well as their IQ. Our balanced, holistic curriculum focuses on educating the whole child, with a strong emphasis on values, character, and leadership development. Making meaningful social connections beyond social media, our students learn how to communicate, participate, cooperate, and collaborate, acquiring the emotional adeptness essential for success in today’s world. Park Maitland students speak with confidence and consideration, are respectful of their peers, and are well versed in social graces — a hallmark of influential leaders.

When learning begins in wonder, teaching inspires excellence and awe.

Talented, creative, and dedicated faculty members are the heart of Park Maitland School. As subject-area experts with a deep knowledge of and passion for their specialties, teachers engage students and inspire innovative thinking and learning. A departmental approach allows teachers to do what they do best, and students do better in core subject areas as well as enrichment subjects. Developmentally appropriate teaching and small class sizes ensure plenty of one-to-one time. Faculty and staff take a personal interest in each student’s progress and provide sensitive and caring guidance throughout their journey. As students grow, mentoring relationships between teachers and students grow, too — quite often lasting a lifetime.

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