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Preschool campus now open in Winter Park

We are pleased to announce we have opened a new preschool campus in Winter Park on Howell Branch Road.  Our new campus allows us to expand our early childhood program by serving children as young as age two. Programs will include: Beginner (2-3 years); Intermediate (3-4 years); and Pre-K (4-5 years). Pre-K will also be offered at our main campus for the 2020-21 school year.

Our preschool programs provide a warm, caring, joyful environment, and our teachers encourage preschoolers’ natural curiosity, instilling confidence in their innate abilities. We have an inclusive environment and celebrate diversity in our community.

The preschool curriculum balances preparation for reading, writing, and math along with art, music, and important social skills and emphasis on character development.

The open, caring, family-oriented atmosphere at Park Maitland preschool helps preschoolers feel safe – physically and emotionally – and nurtures the whole child, both mind and heart.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your child’s educational needs, and how our preschool can meet them.

Licensing Number C18SE0368

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